"The Cult of Darkness" Lecture Flyer

Flyer found in the hotel room of Jackson Elias. For a lecture at Schuyler Hall, NYU, by Prof Anthony Cowles, Ph.D. Cowles is originally from the University of Sydney, and currently the Locksley Fellow of Polynesian Esoterica at Miskatonic University in Arkham. The title of the lecture was "The Cult of Darkness in Polynesia & the Southwest Pacific."

Followed up on by Nadine Campbell and Meredith Smart. They spoke to one of Nadine's contacts at NYU (Marcus Brannigan, grad student). It was confirmed that Jackson Elias did attend, and that much of the lecture was devoted to "Bat Cults" in Australia and that visitors to the area that delved too deeply into these cults would be found dead, with many small puncture wounds on their body. The offered explanation for this was that the cultists would beat their victims with clubs studded with bat teeth. Some of the slides included stones with aboriginal carvings which were found by MacWhirr.

Professor Cowles gave the investigators a synopsis of the lecture.

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