Selections De Livre D'Ivon (Destroyed)


Gaspar du Nord. Gaspar was a student of alchemy and claimed to be a pupil of the mythical wizard Nathaire.

Age/Publication Date:

A 13th century manuscript written in medieval French.

Physical Description:

10" x 15" made up of 333 pages with 79 illustrations. This is one of thirteen copies believed to exist.

Text Summary:

This work was written by the wizard Eibon to preserve Hyperborean religion and sorcery. This was translated from a Greek manuscript in the possession of Nathaire.

Cthulhu Mythos Content:

"For Ubbo-Sathla is the source and the end. Before the coming of Zhothaqquah or Yok-Zothot or Kthulhut from the stars, Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in the steaming fens of new-made Earth…"

Eibon attributes his magical powers to Zhothaqquah, a sort of Toad God. He speaks of other beings from his time, such as serpents that walk as men, spawn without form and the ice work Rlim Shaikorth. The book is filled with rituals and spells and will require weeks of study to discover them all.


Parlay with the God of the North
The Wheel of Storms

This book was destroyed by Father Matthias on Fantari Island.

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