Pnakotic Manuscript


Unknown. Written in Archaic English.

Age/Publication Date:

15th Century. The author claims to have copied it from a Greek scroll called the Pnakotica.

Physical Description:

Quarto size, 6" x 8.25". Handwritten.

Text Summary:

A collection of myths, legends and tales from prehistory. Included are yarns about Hyperborea and Atlantis, life on what appears to be the planet Jupiter, and the legend of the lost continent of Real-Yea.

Cthulhu Mythos Content:

From the introduction explaining the fragmented scrolls that were translated:

And after man was born he walked upon the earth dumb and naked. The Winged One brought knowledge from the sky, knowledge we did not know.

The first men learned their written language from the Great Winged Ones, Traces of these strange symbols have been discovered across the world.


Beseech Winged One

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