Nadine's Journal

January 15, 1925
Attended a dinner party/New Year's party at the hotel of Jackson Elias. After we all had a little too much to drink (especially Michél), we tromped up to Mr. Elias's room, only to discover that he had been horrifically murdered. The men went running down the fire escape and left us there. I didn't look too close at the body, but Ms. Smart told me that there was a rune carved in his forehead. A rune that was associated with some ancient cult. (If he wasn't dead, it would be a great way to advertise Elias' new book.) I don't know how Ms. Smart is able to spend so much time near such a gruesome scene.

After the police came and Mr. Ford talked to a Lt. Martin Poole about the crime we gathered at the hotel to discuss it. While the murderer was caught, it sounds like there may be a larger conspiracy to solve.

January 16, 1925
After a lovely breakfast, Ms. Smart (who so far is living up to her name) and I decided to call on some friends at NYU. Elias attended a lecture (by visiting Professor Anthony Cowles) there a couple of weeks ago. We spoke to Marcus Brannigan, a grad student who I know through my friend Harriett. Apparently the lecture was on a Bat Cult in Australia. The god of the cult was considered the "father of all bats" and was known for human sacrifices (beaten by clubs that were poisoned with from rabid bats). Some of the slides included stones with aboriginal carvings which were found by MacWhirr. The aboriginals killed some of the explorers while they were unearthing the stones; it looked like the same type of weapons.

Went to Prospero House Publishing and met with Jonah Kensington, Jackson's publisher. Jackson had sent him a bunch of notes over the months, with increasing illegibility. Frankly, it sounded like he was going insane.

January 17, 1925
After breakfast, had a rousing session of Library research with Ms. Smart (at the Columbia Library). The librarian referred us to a book called The G'harne Fragments. They don't have it at the library, but we can probably find it at a rare book auction and/or the Penhew Foundation.

Michél insulted me, presumably on accident, but I can't stay mad at him. Especially since we had a lovely dance later, at the Cotton Club.

We sat down with a guy named Pete Mancuso, who seemed to be a nice guy, until Joey Larson shot him. I should have known something bad was going to happen as soon as I spotted Joey in the crowd! (Joey's from the Bonnano family, and the Gambino's run this area.)

We're going to go look at the JuJu house later. I'm sure it'll just be a trip for biscuits, but it'll relieve a little of the sadness from losing our friend/colleague.

January 18, 1925
Michél ran into something really nasty at the JuJu house last night. He was off his nuts on the way to the hospital and I haven't seen him yet this morning. All I know is that the basement was really scary (what was with the plug in the floor?), and something hurt him enough to require a hospital run and make him freak out & drop his torch.

Jackson's funeral is this morning. Time to find something suitable to wear.

So… something started pounding on the coffin during the procession and (after a scare when Jackson popped out of the coffin), Michél, Mr. Ford, Colonel Edgington, a Mr. Gray, and I carried the coffin to the cemetery for burial.

January 21, 1925
We're going to a party at the Carlyle mansion! I'm quite excited. I'll be nice to get back to "normal" after the strange events of last week.

Mac apparently talked to a bunch of people while he was missing and took a bunch of notes. We'll need to look over them after the dinner party.

Fab, another murder. Didn't see much thankfully, but sounds like Bradley was thrown from an upstairs room through the glass roof of the conservatory. Right after he went to get the books from Erica's collection. That can't be a coincidence. What was Jackson into?

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