Nadine Campbell

Young, naive, idealistic, and wealthy, Nadine has eschewed marriage in favor of travel, adventure, and helping people all over the world. When she returns to society Nadine regales everyone with her discussion of daily life in exotic locations. Some who listen to her adventures have noticed that she never seems to stick with a cause for long.

Nadine's Journal

Name: Nadine Campbell
Age: 26
Drive: Duty
Sanity: 9
Stability: 9
Health: 10

Pillars of Sanity:

  • Innate goodness of mankind
  • One person can change the world
  • TBA

Sources of Stability:

Occupational Abilities: Anthropology, Languages (Kikuyu, French), Credit Rating, Flattery, Oral History, Mechanical Repair, Preparedness, Riding

Academic Abilities: General Abilities:
Anthropology 4 Athletics 1
Languages 2 Conceal 4
Driving 2
Interpersonal Abilities: Firearms 2
Assess Honesty 1 First Aid 3
Bureaucracy 1 Fleeing 7
Credit Rating 5 Mechanical Repair 10
Flattery 4 Preparedness 8
Oral History 4 Riding 8
Reassurance 2 Scuffling 3
Streetwise 2 Sense Trouble 4
Technical Abilities: Stealth 5
Outdoorsman 1
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