Hypatia Masters

Hypatia "Patty" Celestine Masters. Heiress to the Masters armaments fortune. The business dealings of her grandfather Aldington Masters were chronicled by the muckraker Nikolai Steinberg in his work Masters of Corruption. Her role in the Carlyle Expedition is unknown.

Mac's research revealed that she had no criminal or public records. Her wealth comes from the Masters armaments fortune, as told in Nikolai Steinburg's Masters of Corruption. Hypatia's grandfather and father farmed out management to competent businessmen. Hypatia schooled in France and Swiss and studied languages and photography, achieving success with both. Hypatia pursued a relationship with Raoul Luis Maria Pinera, a Catholic and a Marxist studying at NYU. Hypatia was with child by Pinera but had an abortion and left on the Carlyle Expedition. Hypatia dallied with Roger Carlyle on occasion, but the two were foremost friends.

Hypatia "took ill" about a month before the expedition left Cairo for Nairobi, Kenya.

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