G'Harne Fragments


Sir Amery Wendy-Smith

Age/Publication Date:

Published in 1919 in a run of 958 copies.

Physical Description:

A humble volume of 128 pages measuring 4.5" x 5.75" and bound in cheap pasteboard covers.

Text Summary:

A conjectural translation of strange writings found on shattered tablets brought out of Africa by the British explorer Sir Howard Windrop. The lost city of G'Harne is discussed in the greatest detail and a description of the location is detailed.

Cthulhu Mythos Content:

There are fabulous legends of Star-Born creatures who inhabited the Earth many millions of years before Man appeared and who were still here, in certain black places, when he eventually evolved. They are, I am sure, to an extent even here now.

The carvings tell of prehistoric cites called Lh'Yibi, Ib, Leng, Thep-Dya, R'lyeh and Xuthltan. Deities described include Bokrug, Nug an Yeb. Strange beings like serpent men and fish that walk upright are detailed.


(You are unable to cast these spells unless you possess the book)

Summon Pillars of the Earth
Parley With History

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