Don Ford's Notes

January 31, 1925
After the terrible events on the boat to England, I think it is important to start noting the events of our investigation. We need to keep others out of this, to avoid letting anyone else get hurt, but at the same time, it's clear that there is no certainty that I won't end up like Nadine's friend. And if the six of us end up murdered by this cult, it seems to me that it will be important that SOMEONE stop these bastards. After seeing strange things, the things Well, there are terrible things out there, and it's dangerous for people. At first it seemed like if you didn't get involved, these cults and monsters wouldn't come after you. But with the deaths on the boat, it seems clear that even a completely innocent interest in the vague edges of the occult can lead to horror and death. So, if I'm unable to continue, I hope that someone else will be able to read this, and avoid any mistakes and confusion that we've suffered.

February 2, 1925

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