Session 1

"The Cult of Darkness" Lecture Flyer

Letter from Miriam Atwright (Harvard University) to Jackson Elias c/o Prospero House Publishers regarding a book.
followup: Meredith Smart spoke to Miriam Atwright on the 18th and found out that the referenced book was Africa's Dark Sects. Ms. Atwright also mentioned that there are rumors that the book is cursed and that they day it went missing, there was a terrible stench in the library.

Picture of some boats, one of which has a name like "Dar"
followup: Harold Edgerton recognized the port as Shanghai Harbor.

Letter from someone in Cairo (Faray Najir) to Mr. Carlyle about some ancient and valuable items. Mr. Najir's agent is at "the street of Jackals in the Old Quarter"

A bunch of newspaper clippings from 1919 about The Carlyle expedition and Erica Carlyle's search for her brother Roger Carlyle.

Handbill for Cab Calloway at the Cotton Club, signed by Silas N'Kwane
followup: Harold Edgerton and Michel Pascal spoke to a Trumpet Player who got his trumpet from Louis Armstrong. He mentioned seeing Louis Armstrong coming out of the JuJu house and something about Silas.

Matches from the Stumbling Tiger bar at 10 Lantern Street "Shanghai Fun & Friends"

Business Card from The Penhew Foundation
35 Tottenham Court Road London, W.1
Edward Gavigan, Director

Letter to Jonah Kensington from Jackson Elias when he was in Nairobi dated 8/8/1924. In it Jackson claims that not all members of the Carlyle Expedition died, and he would be following up on a cult.

Notes on Jackson's new book sent to Jonah Kensington from Nairobi, Kenya. Well organized.

Notes on Jackson's new book sent to Jonah Kensington from London, England. Very disorganized and mostly illegible
Deciphered as:
Many rumors, many informants, but all the same and to no end one end (?) needs help (?) Too big, too ghastly these dreams, dreams like Carlyle's, ghosts that psychologists (?) all of them survived! They'll open the gate, why? As the power and the danger is real. They (?) Many threads beginning (?) The (?) one in Carlyle's safe (?) coming for me. Will the ocean protect? It's too (?) now and w(?) r(?) realize should I scream for them? (?) a(?) together

Plans for Next Session (9/18/2010 1:00 PM):

Session 2
Radiogram from "BK JE"

Don Ford found out that Anthony Carmichael apparently went insane and is in the Arkham Sanitarium. Nadine let him know that that Mr. Carmichael is no longer in the sanitarium.

Michel Pascal recovered Africa's Dark Sects from the basement of the Ju-Ju House. Other ritual materials were discovered but destroyed in the fire, including a set of gloves made from lion paws, a crown or hat of some heathen sort, and other ritual tomfoolery.

Session 3
During Jackson Elias' funeral, Leroy (the trumpet player) showed up late. Shortly after his arrival, the deceased Jackson Elias started pounding on the inside of his coffin and grabbed Harold Edgerton when the coffin was opened.

Session 4
*Notes about Jack Oriel "Brass" Brady
*excerpt from Life as a God
*Mac's research on Hypatia Masters
*Erica Carlyle mentioned the alienist Dr. Robert Huston at dinner
*Bradley is gruesomely murdered/mutilated in the conservatory after dinner. He had just left the group to retrieve the books.
*Books acquired:
Pnakotic Manuscripts
Selections de Livre d'Ivon
People of the Monolith
Life as a God

Session 6
Burgling the Penhew Foundation, Michel Pascal found:
A collection of blasphemous, disturbing paintings (which he photographed)
A disturbing, be-tentacled statue of some sort
A collection of occult texts
A pair of silver ritual daggers, possessing strange properties. These Michel stole, disguising his theft.
Many of the aforementioned were packed for shipping. The larger box is addressed to Ho Fong Imports in Shanghai, to be delivered to Mr. Fong. The smaller box is addressed to Mr. Randolf of Randolf Shipping Co. Port Darwin, Au.

Session 7
A magic scepter with an inverted ankh.

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