Bent Pyramid

Bas-reliefs in a hidden chamber at the top (?) of the pyramid depict a star chart, planetary positions in our solar system (including a 9th planet, a "counter-earth" and maybe some others), and a map of the world. The map has rubies marking the East China Sea, Central Kenya, and Western Australia, as well as an ebony band across Indian Ocean. Arcane symbols border the map, saying "The Old Ones shall come hence. All shall tremble before their awful might."

It also contains six gems of indeterminate color on pedestals, and a carved black obsidian throne covered in indeterminate precious stones.

The planetary conjunction depicted on the bas-relief will happen again in January 1926.

When Professor Smart read the symbols around the map, the gems all burst into flame. Everyone scrambled to leave the room, but the Professor didn't make it. The entrance to the room abruptly disappeared.

Inside the room, the Black Pharaoh himself appeared on the throne and asked the Professor what she would like to know. She asked about the Carlyle Expedition and was shown a vision of the expedition torn apart by a flock of one-winged abominations of the sort the investigators have encountered before. When the Professor asked what they had found, she was told "The Truth." The Pharaoh offered to let her perceive the world clearly, stating that she was worthy. The Professor said she was not ready, and the Pharaoh allowed her to return to the world…in the time of the construction of the pyramid.

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